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Underground Burial Conduit


Underground Burial Conduit

Sizes 40,50,63,75,110,160 and 200mm Outside Diameter


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    Underground Burial Conduit

    Smooth inside, corrugated outside, double walled, protective underground, large diameters conduits.

    APPLICATIONS-For cable conduits underground.Their flexibility and mechanical resistance allows installation
    even in the presence of irregularity of the ground.

    MATERIAL-HDPE, high density polyethylene High chemical and water resistance

    COLOUR-Red & black standard. Available also in green, yellow, and blue on request with a minimum quantity of
    2000m. Per size/ colour.


    STANDARDS-CEI EN 50086-1,CEI EN 50086-2-4 (type N)

    COMPRESSION RESISTANCE-Higher than 450N on 5 +20°C

    IMPACT RESISTANCE-Type N (normal) at -5°C, 3kg/h = variable with the size.

    Additional information

    Diameter Inner/Outer

    32mm/40mm, 40mm/50mm, 51mm/63mm, 61mm/75mm, 94mm/110mm, 137mm/160mm, 182mm/200mm