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Salzer M220 Step Switch


Salzer M220 Step Switch

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    Salzer M220 Step Switch

    The M220 Step Switch can be designed to your specification.We stock a selection with off position single pole 22.5mm centre hole fixing..

    • Front mounting Single hole mounting ∅ 22.5 mm
    • From 1 up to 24 gold splash contacts and posible 12 poles
    • IP66 from the front of swtich
    • AC21 20A
    • Application examples; Control Switch • Instrument Switch• ON-OFF Switch • Changeover Switch• Multi-step Switch • Motor Switch
    • available with or without,escutcheon plate(48mm x 48mm)

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    2 steps with off pos, 3 steps with off pos, 4 steps with off pos, 2 steps without off pos, 3 steps without off pos, 4 steps without off pos