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Eaton Moeller Contactors 37kw-90kw 3P


Eaton Moeller Contactors 37kw-90kw (AC3) 3P

Eaton Moeller Contactors 37kw-90kw AC3 (90-185A AC1) 3P

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    Eaton Moeller Contactors 37kw-90kw 3P

    Eaton Moeller Contactors General Specificaion

    The newly developed DIL M contactors are significantly more compact than their predecessors. An auxiliary contact up to 38 A is always integrated. The advantage of this is particularly striking with the DC contactors that now are the same size as their AC counterparts. This makes planning, engineering and fitting a lot easier and reduces the need to alter control systems, even if the control current needs to change for another customer.


    • Four sizes cover the performance range up to 170 A
    • Only three widths up to 170 A
    • Auxiliary contacts integrated up to 38 A
    • Finger proof version up to 170 A
    • Side-mounted auxiliary contacts for flat installation applications
    • Accessories here


    • Reliable wiring of two conductors using double box terminals on contactors from 7 A to 170 A
    • Easy to implement control wiring using prominently situated coil connection on the device front
    • AC and DC contactors with the same dimensions facilitate an identical range of accessories


    • Integral suppressor circuit with DC contactors
    • AC suppressor circuit can be easily plugged-in
    • Low holding power with DC contactors
    • DC universal voltage range coils with enhanced voltage tolerance from 17 A

    45 mm up to AC3 38 A(DILM38)
    55 mm up to AC3 72 A(DILM72)
    90 mm up to AC3 170 A(DILM170)


    Additional information

    AC3 KW Rating

    37kw, 45kw, 55kw, 75kw, 90kw

    Coil Voltage

    24v50hz, 110v50hz, 230v50hz, 400v50hz, 24VDC