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Eaton-MCCB-NZMN-Handle Mounting Kit


Eaton-MCCB-NZMN-Handle Mounting Kit

Extension Shaft required with this Kit


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Eaton-MCCB-NZMN-Handle Mounting Kit NZM*-XTVDV(R*)

  • An Extension shaft is required with this kit
  • Door coupling rotary handle for operating the switch through a closed control panel door
  • Handle kit, interlock,Warning Plates,Black or Red/Yellow*
  • Lockable
  • IP66 UL/CSA Type 4X, Type 12
  • Lockable on the handle on the switch using up to 3 padlocks
    Modifiable on handle in I position as well with door interlock.
  • Not defeated in the locked OFF and ON positions
    Can be modified in the unlocked ON position
    Can be modified such that it can be defeated from the outside using a screwdriver
    Door can be opened in OFF

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