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Eaton Electronic Timing Relays ETR4


Eaton Moeller Electronic Timing Relays ETR4

On-Delay Multifunction Star-Delta



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Eaton Moeller Electronic Timing Relays ETR4

ETR4-4-11-A(W) On Delayed ,time range 0.05s-100hrs

Special Price on Eaton ETR4-11-A On-DelayTimer, 24-240vac/dc, 0.05s-100hrs £25.00

ETR4-51-A(W) Star-Delta switching,time range 3-60s

ETR4-69-A(W) Multifunction, time range 0.05s-100hrs,On-delayed,Off-delayed,Fleeting contact on energization,Fleeting contact on de-energization,Flashing, pulse initiating,On- and Off-delayed,Pulse forming,Pulse generating

Electronic timing relays according to IEC/EN 61812-1, VDE 0435, 22.5 mm wide DIN top-hat rail mounting,



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Multifunction, On-Delayed, Star-delta

Coil Voltage

24-240vac/dc, 400v50hz