Eaton Moeller Mini Contactors 4KW 3P


Eaton Mini Contactor  AC3 9A motor load 4kw 3P AC1 20A with option of built in N.O or NC contact


Mini Contactor 3p+n.o aux AC3 9A motor load 4kw AC1 22A

  •  Mini Contactors for Motors and Resistive Loads,
  • Utilization category: AC-1:16A Non-inductive or slightly inductive loads
  • Normal AC3 induction motors: starting, switch off during running, AC-3 380 V 400 V: Ie= 9 A,
  • Connection Screw terminals,
  • With Built in auxiliary contact,
  • Number of poles: 3 pole, Rated operational current AC-3 380 V 400 V: Ie= 9 A, Rated operational current AC-1 Conventional free air thermal current,
  • Accessories here

Additional information

Coil Voltage

24v50hz, 110v50hz, 230v50hz, 400v50hz, 24VDC

Aux-Built in

n.c, n.o